International Mushy Pea Day - How to get involved

International Mushy Pea Day - What is it?

On Friday 10th November The Harbour Lights in Falmouth are championing the cause of the mushy pea and rolling out the International Mushy Pea Day to ensure it gets the lime light it deserves across the globe. Shops from Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Japan are supporting the day.

How do you get involved?

The vision is to take mushy peas to the masses, to encourage your customers to try this traditional side dish. Whether you run a special pea promotion, create a pea special or make a donation to your local or national charity, you can join the discussion by contacting It will also allow all participating shops to share pictures and images on what's happening around the country and the rest of the world.
There has also been a dedicated website set up with FREE information, ideas and point of sale

The press love fish and chip stories. International Mushy Pea Day will provide a chance for the trade, individual shops and fish and chip lovers around the globe to celebrate together.