International Mushy Pea Day 2019 Is Here

International Mushy Pea Day 2019 logo

International Mushy Pea Day is returning for 2019. It’s the day of the year to celebrate one of the most-loved side dishes to fish and chips – mushy peas! The big day is Friday 8th November and we are excited to join in the celebrations with fish and chip shops, suppliers and, of course, the consumers who enjoy having mushy peas with their fish and chips from their local chip shop.

Join In This International Mushy Pea Day

There are many ways you can get involved in Mushy Pea Day 2019, here are just some ideas on how you can join in:

  • Run a promotion on mushy peas – this could be free mushy peas with fish and chips
  • Sell pea fritters and other mushy pea related dishes that you don’t normally sell
  • Promote Mushy Pea Day in your shop and on your social media channels to advertise mushy peas

These are just some of the ways you can promote International Mushy Pea Day 2019 in your business. For more information on International Mushy Pea Day you can click here.

We are excited to see how you celebrate, email the pictures of you and your business celebrating!