Marketing Resources

Making the most of space in your shop is vital, from the right menu board to the point of sale that could help you upsell or advertise a product you want to push. Getting this right is something we understand here at Friars Pride, on top of this you might not have the time to get posters designed or printed, so we offer an alternative.


Adding posters to your business can be an easy way to add colour to your shop as well as increase your customers’ awareness of certain products. That is why we offer a huge selection or high-quality POS options.

Digital Menu Boards

Digital menu boards help give your shop a unique marketing opportunity. While the boards can be changed with different products and prices, why not look at running some promotional videos on your board to add colour, life and a great marketing opportunity. We have put together a range of videos which you can use for your digital menu board.

Improve Your Marketing

Both the POS and digital menu board videos are free! All you need to do is select what you would like, in the case of POS we will get it posted to you, when it comes to videos we can email you a download link for the video!