Rammi oCeanReserve and oCeanPremium Frozen at Sea Cod and Haddock Fillets, caught by The Solberg, offer Fish & Chip Shops the continuity of supply we have all been waiting for!

The SolbergRammi

The Icelandic fishing company has been catching and supplying the finest quality Cod and Haddock for the Q Partnership companies (Friars Pride, Henry Colbeck and V A Whitley) for over fifteen years. Rammi took the momentous decision in 2013 to commission a brand-new state of the art fishing vessel to replace their two existing freezer trawlers.

Maiden Voyage 2017

Working closely with a talented team of marine architects from Norway, a ship builder, based in Turkey and using the most modern technical equipment from across Europe, they have designed and built a fantastic freezer trawler named The Solberg, translated as ‘Sun Mountain’.

In May 2017 The Solberg took its maiden voyage from the shipyard in Turkey to Iceland. This took the vessel over two weeks travelling through the Mediterranean Sea, past Gibraltar, up through the Atlantic Ocean finally arriving at its home port of Siglufjordur on the north coast of Iceland.

Here in its new home of Siglufjordur, in Iceland, The Solberg was officially named at a significant ceremony attended by hundreds of people from the small town.

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Continuous Supply

On board the new vessel is a state-of-the-art production facility. The technology on board is processing two types of Rammi Fillets.

Tightly Graded Fillets

Rammi oCeanReserve is prepared into tightly graded fillets in sizes; 4-6oz, 6-8oz, 8-10oz, 10-12oz, 12-16oz and 16-32oz.

From Catch to Frozen in 2 Hours

The time taken to process the fish, from catch, is now two hours. This is a reduction of over 1 hour in processing time on board.

Skinless, Boneless Cod

Rammi oCeanPremium® Fillets are a natural skinless, boneless fillet with the loin. Quantities of Rammi oCeanPremium® in tighter grades will always depend on the natural resource.

Through a balance of Rammi oCeanPremium® and Rammi oCeanReserve®, you can now be guaranteed supply of tightly graded fillets. The volumes of Rammi oCeanPremium® and Rammi oCeanReserve® will all depend on fishing, however the new technology and production on board The Solberg will offer continuous supply of tightly graded fillets by using water cutting technology to create the tightly graded Rammi oCeanReserve® Fillets, thus increasing capacity ensuring the portion controlled fillets you need for your business are available when you need them, guaranteed. Available in 4-6oz, 6-8oz, 8-10oz, 10-12oz, 12-16oz, 16-32oz and now also 32oz+.