Hook & Fish - The Complete Packaging Range

The Hook & Fish packaging range offers you a complete range of packaging from pots and bags to trays and boxes. So, if you are looking for a consistent design for all of your packaging the Hook & Fish range could be perfect.

Eye-catching Design

The Hook & Fish packaging range is an eye-catching range that helps give your packaging a consistent appearance, the range includes almost any type of packaging you want from grease proof and pots to boxes and bags! The range has been created and designed to be your complete packaging branding solutions, while helping with portion control. We have also design Hook & Fish point of sale to help finish off the look.

The RangeHook & Fish packaging range

No matter if you are looking for a small carryout bag or a large corrugated box, the Hook & Fish range has it all. Below are just some of the products in the range.

Hook & Fish Fold It Bin ItFold It Bin It

The Fold It Bin It box is a corrugated box that is perfect to help keep your food warm and in a good condition and protected. The box has been designed to be easy to fold to make the box small when it has been finished with. This concept has been developed due to bins being over filled, especially in busy tourist locations, and to help reduce the amount of room a box would take up in the bin. For more information on the Fold It Bin It box and the concept, you can click here to find out more.

MK Card Tray Hook & Fish MK card trays

The MK Card tray joined the Hook & Fish packaging range to allow fish and chip businesses and caterers to have access to a quality tray. This tray hasn’t just been designed to have an eye-catching design but also to help with portion control. This product has three sizes which can help offer your customers the right portion size for them.

  • The Small Tray– this tray has been designed to typically hold a 7-9oz portion of chips
  • The Medium Tray– this tray can hold a 10-12oz portion of chips
  • The Large Tray– this tray can hold a portion of chips of 12-16oz

To find out more about the MK Card Tray and the benefits of using this packaging option click here.

Hook & Fish Point Of Sale

When using Hook & Fish packaging in your fish and chip shop or catering business we have a range of point of sale which may be perfect for your business. From posters to pavement swing signs, we have a range of options. What do we have? Hook & Fish POS

Hook & Fish Swing SignWhy Use Hook & Fish Point Of Sale?

Point of sale can play an important role in your shop. Here are some reasons why…

  • Eye-catching – can get the consumers attention and help raise awareness or influence what products they purchase
  • It can increase up-sells – your customer may add extra products to their order to try the advertised products
  • Attract people into your shop – eye catching POS can help bring people into your shop as it can make your business stand out

Find Out More

To find out more about the Hook and Fish packaging range, you can view the range of products by clicking here. Alternatively, you can contact your local depot by clicking here or contact your Area Sales Manager or Telesales Agent.