Great British Pea Week!

It’s here, the Great British Pea Week. Now into its third year, this week is all about the celebration of peas and increasing the awareness of the history of the pea, as well as promoting the nutritional benefits that peas can have. Great British Pea Week was launched by the Yes Pea! Campaign.

Harvesting The Pea

With the average person in Britain eating 9,000 peas a year, peas need to be grown and harvested. There are around 700 British pea farmers and over 2 billion portions of peas are harvested each summer! For more information on the harvesting process of the pea, click here to go to the Great British Pea Website.

Fancy A Cup Of Peas?

Why not join in the celebration of peas this week in your shop. Let people know it’s Great British Pea Week. Why not offer your customers pea fritters to celebrate? Or offer each customer a portion of mushy peas to add to their order. Either way, promoting peas in your shop can help get people eating more peas.

Find Out More

To find out more you can visit the Great British Pea Week’s website by clicking here. You will find information on harvesting and facts and figures all about the pea.