Good Habits Sep–Oct 2019

Good Habits September–October 2019

The latest edition of Good Habits is here, the September to October 2019 issue. This edition is once again packed full of useful information, great promotions and special offers. Below you will find useful information and news around:

  • The FriWite palm oil seminar
  • FRY I.T. 2020 and how to book your free tickets
  • Kerry and why you should be offering two types of curry
  • Spavin's Handy Pack and why this could be the beef dripping for your business
  • Why 42nd Street Classic Sausage 6's are perfect for a portion controlled Lite-BITE meal.

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FriWite Seminar

Palm oil continues to be a big subject across the news and social media - it's a big talking point. This is why FriWite are pleased to bring you a one-day seminar all about sustainable palm oil - Certified Sustainable Palm Oil: Your Chance To Get The Facts.

This seminar is perfect if you are a palm oil user, or if you have previously used or are considering using palm oil. This free one-day seminar will be held at Chester Zoo on October 13th 2019 and there are many reasons to attend.

Throughout the day you will hear from the following speakers:

  • Judith Murdoch, Sustainable Palm Oil Expert & EFECA SCSS Auditor
  • Conservation Experts from Chester Zoo

On top of listening to the seminars, you will have opportunities to network over lunch and be given advice on how to tackle difficult palm oil questions. The five main topics that will be covered in this free seminar are:

  • RSPO - Round Table on Sustainable Palm
  • Conservation in Borneo
  • Why moving away from palm oil is not the solution
  • Want to become a sustainable hero fish frier? Use FriWite
  • How to handle difficult palm oil conversations

Places for the seminar are limited. To book your free place now click here to go to the FriWite website.

FRY IT 2020

FRY I.T. is back! And once again we are aiming for a bigger and more exciting show. We already have exhibitors signing up for the show, and they are looking forward to showing you what they have on offer.

FRY I.T. 2020 will allow you to kick start the 2020 fish and chip shop season with fantastic (at the show only!) offers and promotions - on top of this there will be new and innovative products on display for you to try on the day.

In 2020 we will be returning to Peterborough, the home of Friars Pride, to bring you FRY I.T. 2020. The show will take place at the Peterborough Area on Sunday 23rd February.

There are many great reasons to book your FRY I.T. tickets and attend the show, including:

  • The latest innovations in the industry, including new products
  • A wide variety of suppliers to network and talk to, from fish and oils to frying ranges and signage
  • A range of samples and products to try
  • Network with fellow caterers and fish fryers
  • Meet the trade media
  • Find out the latest industry news and information
  • Great on the day exclusive deals
  • It’s FREE to attend

To find out more about FRY I.T. 2020, you can click here.

Make sure you don't miss out on another great show. Click here to register for your free tickets - it's quick and easy!

The Dinaclass Double

Do you currently offer your customers a single curry sauce option? Why not offer two and increase the amount of curry sauce you sell! Some customers want a spicy curry while others want a mild option, so why not cater for both and offer two curries on your menu?

This can allow you to increase the amount of curry you are selling and help bring curry loving customers back to your shop for the curry they love. To help you give the two curries a go we will even give you 25 Save & Select points when you buy one Dinaclass 10kg refill with one Irish Curry 5kg!

Curry can be one of your largest profit makers in your busy, with an average 10kg Dinaclass pack making 545 4oz portions - with our current promo price this could make you over £480!

* Based on promotional prices of 10kg Curry Sauce and 4oz Card Pots & Lids in
this issue of Good Habits.

Spavin's Handy Pack Beef Dripping

Spavin's Handy Pack, as its name suggests, comes in an easy to open handy pack - this really can take the hassle out of topping up your pans. Spavin beef dripping comes in 5kg blocks that are easy to access and unwrap, perfect for a quick and easy top up in the middle of a busy period in your shop.

On top of being packaged in an easy to open box with easy to handle blocks, there are other benefits of Spavin's Handy Pack Beef Dripping. The benefits of Spavin's includes that it is a high-quality dripping that is manufactured with Irish beef, on top of this the product is a refined dripping and is deodorised.

To help show you just how easy Spavin's Handy Pack is to use, Matthew Page, owner of Snettisham Beach in Norfolk gives his testimonial and demonstration in the below video.

The Perfect Sausage and Chip Lite-BITE Meal

When you offer a Lite-BITE box meal it can create the perfect portion for many health conscious consumers. When your customers buy a sausage and chips Lite-BITE you want to offer the correct size portion, this is where offering the 42nd Street Classic Pork Sausages 6's can be the right choice.

Portion control is a big topic currently, with consumers wanting smaller meals and there being more news and pressure to get people to change their eating habits. This is why the 42nd Street Classic Pork Sausage 6's could be perfect for a lighter meal option. With many people going for the large sausages instead of the smaller alternative,  the 6's can sit in between and can offer the perfect alternative.

Lite-BITE meals can also help increase your lunchtime trade. With many busy possible consumers getting a lunch from the next door newsagent or their local supermarket because they think it is a healthier alternative or a lighter option, but this is where offering a lighter meal can help encourage people to have sausage and chips - and maybe even a curry sauce - for lunch.

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