Good Habits May – June 2019

Good Habits May June 2019 CoverGood Habits May – June 2019

Welcome to the May and June edition of the Good Habits magazine. We once again have a packed issue with exciting offers and some helpful hints and tips. Including information about National Fish & Chip Day, alternative options to High Oleic Sunflower Oil, our exciting new packaging range and much more including great deals and promotions!

Below are just five of the many great subjects from this issue!

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Q Plus Long Life – The Alternative To High Oleic Sunflower Oil

With the supply of High Oleic Sunflower oil being tight, you may be currently looking at alternatives as the demand for this oil outstrips the supply, but there is a very suitable alternative – which is exclusively available from Friars Pride and the Q Partnership. Q Plus Long Life!

This is an oil that has been proven to be a high-quality semi-solid oil that has been a success in some of the busiest frying environments there are – give this a try and test it in your shop.

Q Plus Long Life

Q Plus Long Life has an average frying life of 3 times longer than standard liquid vegetable oil, and offers a light and consistent fry. This semi-solid frying oil is a blend of high-quality palm and rapeseed oil.

There are many benefits to using a longer lasting oil!

  • Money Savings – longer lasting means you should be able to buy less oil
  • Reduced Maintenance – you should be able to change your oil less, giving you more time to prep other products
  • Increased Quality – offering a consistent fry means that you can be sure that you are always offering a high-standard

How Does It Compare?

Q Plus Comparison TableHeavy Duty Frying Oil

Q Plus is a heavy duty oil, so this product is perfect for busy shops that need their oil to last and not deteriorate in the middle of a busy day! Heavy duty oil also means less wastage for your business – it lasts longer so you are not changing it as often as standard oils.

Give It A Try

Q Plus is available in a 15litre plastic drum and is an exclusive product to Friars Pride and the Q Partnership. Add Q Plus Long Life (QLFO) to your next order and see the benefits yourself!

Meet the MK Card Tray Family – New Packaging Range

MK Card Trays

Our exciting new packaging range – the MK Card Tray family – is here! The new MK card tray family is all Envirocare certified!

With formed trays now gone, this new MK card tray range is the perfect option for you to use. There are many reasons to switch to the MK Card Tray family, and here are just some of them:


  • Perfect for portion control
  • Made from virgin board kraft card
  • Recyclable
  • Environmentally friend
  • Biodegradable
  • Great image presentation of the food you serve.

Why not give this range a tray using our special offers? Ask your telesales agent to add the MK Card Trays to your next order.

Leinebris Competition – Why Do You Love Leinebris?

Here at Friars Pride we love Leinebris, and we believe you do as well! So, we want to know why you love Leinebris or why you would love to win some!


Leinebris Haddock is the finest quality. The haddock is block frozen at sea to make sure it maintains its white, fine texture and its fresh qualities. Leinebris is all line-caught – which is an environmentally friendly fishing method; this is also a sustainable method!

The Competition

We are delighted to be running a competition to give you the chance to win either one of two Leinebris inners or one of five replica hooks. We have made this competition as simple as possible to enter – all you need to do is fill in our basic form and answer the question, why would you love to win some Leinebris Haddock or why you love the Leinebris Haddock! Click here to enter the competition and see if you could be the lucky winner.

We look forward to seeing why you would love to win, or what you love about, Leinebris Haddock! The competition is free and runs till the 17th of May. Terms and conditions apply.

FriWite - Fry Responsibly With Our Mega Deal

FriWite is produced using only RSPO certified sustainable palm oil – so you know you are frying responsibility and being responsible towards wildlife, people and the environment!

FriWite Deal

Why not give FriWite a go with our MEGADEAL! Buy 8 for only £11.80 each!

Fry Right With FriWite

When you use FriWite you can be certain thaFriWite POSt the utmost is being done to protect wildlife, people and the environment. This is why FriWite is a winning combination, with its pure

and light fry extended frying life and no hydrogenated fat. So why not give FriWite – the RSPO certified sustainable palm oil – a go in your business!

Don’t forget your point of sale!

Make sure you ask your sales representative for your free FriWite poster and window sticker to let your customers know that your palm oil is sustainable!

Make The Most Out Of The Middleton Batter Deal

Drinks can be a great money maker, especially brands like Coca Cola. Offering drinks can an easy cross-sell opportunity for your business, and that is why we are giving away a free case of coke when you purchase two Middleton branded batters - this makes the winning combination, high-quality batter with a popular drink.

Cross-sell = More Profit!

As a shop owner you want to make money while looking after your customers, this is why we believe you should be offering drinks in your shop. Allowing customers to be able to purchase their meal and add a drink to it can help give you an easy cross-sell option.

You can also add drinks to a lunchtime meal deal; a meal deal can help increase your lunch trade by attracting an increased amount of customers who are looking for a quick and easy lunch option all in one place.

Middleton's Batter and coke deal



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