Good Habits July – August 2019

Good Habits Front Cover

Good Habits July – August 2019

Summer is here, and so is our July and August edition of Good Habits. Packed full of useful information and great promotions, including promotions on; the Hook and Fish packaging range, Q Toreno premier beef jus, 42nd Street Chicken Fillet Bites and Chicken Breast Fillets, the 42nd Street Gluten Free Classic Sausage and much more!

Below you will find just five subjects from this existing issue of Good Habits, for the full Good Habits magazine click here.

Time To Fold It Bin It - The Hook & Fish Packaging Range

The Fold It Bin It Box

The Fold It Bin It box has been designed to help reduce litter, this is the latest packaging innovation from Friars Pride and The Q Partnership. This is a design change to the Hook & Fish Single Corrugated Packaging.

This product is perfect if you currently use corrugated packaging and your bins inside or outside fill up quickly. This corrugated box has easy to follow and clear instructions, making it easy and quick to fold.

The Hook & Fish Range

In this edition of Good Habits we have a range of great deals on the Hook & Fish packaging range. The Hook & Fish packaging range is an extremely popular and eye-catching range, perfect for use in a fish and chip shop. This large range contains almost any packaging your shop may need, including;

  • Boxes, including the Fold It Bin It – perfect to help keep food warm
  • Trays – great presentation and helps give your customers the perfect portion
  • Paper Bags – with or without handles
  • Plastic Bags - high density and degradable
  • Card Pots and Lids – perfect for mushy pears or curry sauce
  • Fork Dispenser Pack – great to leave on your counter for customers
  • Napkins Dispenser Pack – easy to pick up napkins for your customers

42nd Street Products

42nd Street – It’s All About The Ingredients

In this month’s Good Habits you will find some great deals on some of the 42nd Street range. This range uses only quality ingredients and are products your customers will love.

42nd Street Chicken Products – A Tasty Success

On page 3 you will find our 42nd Street Chicken Fillet Bites and Battered Chicken Breast Fillets. Both products are produced using high-quality whole pure muscle chicken breast from poultry that is grain fed and welfare audited.

The Battered Chicken Breast Fillets are perfect to offer as a chicken burger. Coated in a light golden crispy outer, with a delicious chicken breast inner.

The 42nd Street Chicken Fillet Bites are covered in a unique coating that creates a crispy texture which tastes great. This product is perfect to offer as part of a lunch or kid’s meal or even to add to your menu to give your customers an additional option.

42nd Street Classic Gluten Free Sausages

Offering gluten free products in your business can help attract customers who may have to avoid gluten products. On page 10 you will find our 42nd Street Classic Gluten Free Sausages, these sausages are laboratory tested to ensure they are gluten free and offer the same superior taste as the 42nd Street Classic Sausage.

42nd Street Posters

To find out more about why you should be offering gluten free products in your business, click here.

42nd Street Beef Burgers – Selected Cuts

In this edition of Good Habits, you will find on page 11 our great deal on the 80% 42nd Street Beef Burgers. These are high-quality burgers that only contain carefully selected prime beef from the forequarter and flank cuts. These burgers can be cooked in a few ways, including deep-fried and grilled, and won’t shrink during cooking.

Free 42nd Street Posters

We have produced a range of posters to make sure all our 42nd Street products have a poster option for you to display in your shop. These posters are completely free, contact your Telesales Agent for your free poster or click here to request your posters.


Don’t Compromise On Gluten Free Batter

Goldensheaf Gluten Free Batter

When you are choosing gluten free batter you don’t want to compromise on taste and quality. This is where Goldensheaf’s Gluten Free Batter Mixture could be perfect. This batter allows you to use a g luten free batter that everyone can enjoy, and of course with the Goldensheaf authentic taste and quality. So, why compromise on your batter?

But, what do other fish and chip shops think of Goldensheaf’s Gluten Free Batter?

‘When doing our batter testing for our new restaurant Bertie’s, we tested the new Kerry’s gluten free batter mix. We thought it was brilliant, great colour, crispness and taste. Very hard to tell the difference between an normal chip shop batter mix and your goldensheaf gluten free batter mix.

We will definitely be using it when it’s released!’ Berties Proper Fish and Chip, Edinburgh

Offering Gluten Free

Around 1 in 100 people suffer from Coeliac Disease according to Coeliac UK. This is a large amount of potential customers that can only eat gluten free products, so make sure you help everyone enjoy your fish and chips by offering a gluten free range. If you would like more information on gluten sensitivity and Coeliac Disease, click here to visit the Coeliac UK website.

For more information on how to offer a gluten free range in your shop, click here.


RSPO Information Day – Sponsored By FriWite

FriWite Box

Interested in finding out more about palm oil?
Do you currently use / or thinking about using palm oil?

We have a FREE one-day seminar that could be perfect for you. On Sunday 13th October, held at Chester Zoo, we are offering you the chance to attend an information day with some of the key industry leaders – Certified Sustainable Palm Oil: Your Chance To Get The Facts.

This event will give everyone the unique opportunity to network and listen to experts in conservation and palm oil. This includes, Faye Richards from the RSPO and Judith Murdock who is a sustainable palm oil expert and EFECA SCSS Auditor.

There are many benefits to attending on the day, including:

  • Meeting the RSPO face to face and finding out about what they do
  • Listening to the conservation experts from Chester Zoo
  • Find out why you should continue using palm oil
  • Find out how to become 100% certified sustainable in your business
  • Helpful advice on how to deal with difficult questions on palm oil
  • Chances to ask your question and network

If you would like to sign up to attend please click here to go to the FriWite website and sign up – don’t forget it is free to attend! Places are limited so be quick.

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Stay Digital – Help The Environment

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There are many more promotions and much more information in this edition of Good Habits. Click here to read the full magazine. If you have any questions about any of the products, or would like to make the most out of any of our special offers, contact your Telesales Agent – alternatively you can click here to find your local depot or send us an email.