Goldensheaf – Don’t Compromise On Gluten Free Batter

Kerry’s Goldensheaf Gluten Free batter mix could be the answer if you want to offer battered gluten free products in your shop. With an increasing demand for gluten free fish and chips, make sure you are offering a gluten free menu or day in your shop.

The Goldensheaf Gluten Free batter mix can help you offer gluten free battered products that everyone can enjoy. With the authentic Goldensheaf taste and quality, this product can allow you to create great tasting fish and chips to the gluten free market without sacrificing the taste or quality.

To find out more about this product, or if you would like to give this batter mix a try in your shop, contact your Area Sales Manager or Telesales Agent.

Why Offer A Gluten Free Range?

Offering a gluten free range can open your shop up to a new audience, with approximately 1% of the population suffering from Coeliac Disease, and in 2016 approximately 8.5 million people went gluten free. This is becoming a huge audience that are looking for gluten free food and meals.

How To Go Gluten Free?

Offering gluten free products in your business is not just as easy as selling gluten free products. To offer a gluten free menu or day, there are some keys things you need to consider:

  • Cross contamination – frying in the same oil as gluten products can cause a risk of contamination. You will need to use separate, clean oil for gluten free products, and different equipment such as tongs. Filtering the oil won’t be enough, make sure you use different oil for gluten free cooking.
  • Products – while using gluten free batter is a good start. You need to make sure all products you serve up on your gluten free menu is gluten free. This includes items such as, sausages and sauces. For example, for a sausage you could use the 42nd Street Classic Sausage Gluten Free:
  • Staff training – make sure your staff are fully trained to understand the equipment they need to use for gluten free customers. Training can help reduce the chance of cross contamination and if staff are more knowledgeable on the subject it can help make the customer feel more comfortable about eating at your shop.

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For more information on the Kerry Goldensheaf Gluten Free batter mix, the Goldensheaf batter range or the range of gluten free products we can offer, contact your Area Sales Manager or Telesales Agent to discuss the batter range in more details. Alternatively, you can click here to find your local depot.

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