Gluten free sausages from 42nd Street Classic range !

Gluten Free Sausages - It’s all about the [gluten free] ingredients!

Friars Pride, as part of The Q Partnership is running a trial on an innovative gluten free sausages! Those will be part of one of trade’s favourite brands – 42nd Street Classics.

At this stage, our gluten free sausages are only available in 4s. Do not worry though, should this trial succeed in terms of customer satisfaction and demand, it could go to full production marking the start of 42nd Street Classic gluten free range!

The 42nd Street gluten free sausages have been tested amongst VA Whitley, Henry Colbeck and Friars Pride staff before releasing it to the market. Meeting a positive response on the flavour and texture, the Q Partnership decided to offer it to their customers to gain further feedback.

This is where we need your honest opinion! If you would like to purchase the product to try for yourself, please get in touch with Friars Pride on 01733 316400.

The gluten free sausages have been produced after a thorough factory cleandown and have been tested by an independent laboratory passing the maximum level of 20ppm, meaning the Gluten was completely undetectable.

For your peace of mind and to ensure consistency of the quality, every batch is being examined and tested!As for the ingredients... We can’t give away our unique recipe but to let you in on a little secret - it has been cleverly adopted to use a combination of rice flour and dehydrated potato as a Rusk replacement.
All this is manufactured inside a bespoke Gluten Free plant in Spain. 
If all goes to plan, gluten free sausages will only be the beginning of a complete gluten free version of our 42nd Street!

We are also working on a “gluten free” map of UK chip shops – if your shop is serving gluten free products (not just sausages), please get in touch so that we can mark your chippy on our map so watch this space!