Get Ready For Seafood Week 2019

Seafood Week is all about celebrating the fantastic fish and shellfish that is on offer in the UK, helping create a platform that is perfect for fish and chip shops and businesses to encourage more people to eat fish. The week will take place on the 4th October to the 11th, so it’s time to get ready and to look at ways you can market your business and join in with Seafood Week.

What Is Seafood Week?

Seafood Week, which is one of the ways in which Seafish support the seafood industry and the retail and food services sector. This week is an annual week which champions and celebrates seafood to the UK’s consumers and media, no matter if the consumer is enjoying fish at a fish and chip shop, at home or in a restaurant or cafe.

Daily Focus

Throughout Seafood Week there will be 8 days of focus and activity that will be promoted by Seafish and is supported by a wide range of industry businesses and professionals. With the event all about adventure and celebration the week will:

  • Help promote seafood as a healthy food that can be convenient and taste great
  • Look at demonstrating the large range of fish and shellfish that can be enjoyed in the UK
  • Look at showing consumers that seafood can be used in a number of ways, including the range of different ways of cooking the product

Each day during the campaign will have a focus on a different fish or shellfish:

  • Day 1 - Friday 4th October - Mackerel
  • Day 2 - Saturday 5th October - Prawns
  • Day 3 - Sunday  6th October - Plaice
  • Day 4 - Monday 7th October - Scallops
  • Day 5 - Tuesday 8th October - Mussels
  • Day 6 - Wednesday 9th October - Hake
  • Day 7 - Thursday 10th October - Crab
  • Day 8 - Friday 11th October - Haddock/Cod/Pollack

On top of this the week will start with Fish Pun Day on Friday 4th October, this popular day gives you the chance to share your fish puns, use #fishpunday to share your puns.

On top of this there are other social media hashtags you can use to get involved.

  • #seafoodweek – the general hashtag for the week
  • #seafoodhero – this gives people the chance to share their favourite seafood person. This could be a chef, fishmonger or even a retailer
  • #ratemyfish – this gives you the chance to share pictures of your fish dishes and have them rated by consumers

Make The Most Of Seafood Week

To make the most out of Seafood week it can be a great idea to join in on social media and with promotional activities. You could even just offer fish or shellfish you wouldn’t normally just for the week – help encourage consumers into your shop for something different.

Here are just a few ideas that could help bring people into your shop and to help get consumers joining in with Seafood week.

  • Run a seafood quiz or a create a fish pun competition to win a prize
  • Promotional offers, such as free mushy peas with every portion of fish and chips
  • Put up posters or information about different fish and shellfish to get your consumers interested
  • Have a fish of the day – have a different fish or shellfish on your menu each day matching which fish is on focus that day – Plaice on Sunday 6th as an example

Here To Help

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