7 ways that I get more out of my oil - an interview with Jo Rodrigues of Vegas Fish Bar

We caught up with avid FriWite user Jose Rodrigues of Vegas Fish Bar, Hunstanton, to pick his brain on ways that he gets more out of FriWite, the 100% vegetable oil.

Our mentality is filtering, filtering, filtering

We are constantly filtering our oil, from the in-built filtration system to manually scraping and sieving for scraps and carbon particles.

Watch out for small particles from food

Especially breadcrumbs from frozen food – these can be the main culprits for breaking down oil faster. Luckily, combining our care for filtration with FriWite being such a good quality long life oil, we can get around 5 days out of our oil.

I never leave my filtering until the next day

I make sure that all of the particles that could break down the oil overnight (even when the range is turned off) are removed after the night shift.

We have a separate range for Gluten Free customers

FriWite works well for us as it is long life and is not affected by turning the range on and off/or altering the temperature up and down when needed. A pan of FriWite that I used yesterday is still perfect the next day that I turn my range on.

Handling the oil with the plastic wrapping around FriWite enabled me to have a much better grip

This gives me more control of how much goes in the pan and instead of it just slipping out, putting me at risk of any hazardous ‘splash backs’.

I like to be transparent with my oil

I use FriWite posters and window stickers - even our staff use FriWite pens – to reinforce to my customers that we are frying in a healthier alternative.

My final point is my cost savings

Not only do I use less oil as it lasts longer, I have noticed a significant decrease in what I am spending ever since I switched over to FriWite.