FriWite - the RSPO Certified Sustainable Palm Oil

FriWite – 100% Certified Sustainable Palm Oil – New Point of Sale Available

When you buy FriWite Palm Oil, you are buying 100% Certified Sustainable Palm Oil.  Friars Pride, as part of the Q Partnership, has been leading the way moving towards the RSPO goal of 100% Certified Sustainable Palm Oil for over 3 years.

RSPO – Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil

Friars Pride is one of the only distributors in the UK that are audited RSPO members.
We are at the forefront of the drive to support the palm oil industry to evolve and achieve its goals. Through choosing to use FriWite for your business, you can be confident that we audit the supply chain and you can tell your customers that you are frying in palm oil that is helping ensure the protection of the rainforest, the habitats of many species including the orangutans.
Importantly, you are safe guarding children and communities involved in the production of palm oil, giving them a better future.

Palm Oil is Vital

At a recent event in London organised by RSPO, the conservation experts from Chester Zoo, an organisation at the forefront of conservation in the palm producing regions of Malaysia, unanimously confirmed that Palm Oil should continue to be used for food production and frying.

Their message is united and powerful:
“The solution is not to stop using palm.  Other crops cannot pick up the short fall.  The solution is to use certified sustainable palm oil.” ]People & Communities
The story of the plight of the orangutan and the loss of rainforest through deforestation is what we read about and see all over social media.  The plight of people, especially forced child labour and low or unpaid wages to the communities that support the growth, harvest and production is ignored.

It is only through working with plantations and growers, supporting them and helping them that sustainable palm oil is achievable.  If we all walk away the situation will become worse, both for the environment, wildlife and people.

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