Friars Pride Returnable Oil Drum Scheme

Looking for the finest quality, GM free, Rapeseed and Groundnut Vegetable Oils?

You can purchase your oil from Friars Pride and, with the BRC accredited filling production facility at the Peterborough depot, you can count on quality every time.
Not only is the Peterborough site BRC accredited, it is also maintained as completely GM free and the Rapeseed Oil and Groundnut Oil are stored in separate tanks to avoid cross-contamination.
From this site, we pack 1,000 litre Vegetable Oil pods, bottle-in-box products and 20lt returnable drums of Rapeseed and Groundnut Oil.

Returnable Drums - The Environmental Liquid Oil Solution

Our 20 litre Vegetable Oil Returnable Drum Scheme is available for both Rapeseed Oil and Groundnut Oil, across all of our sites.

What are the Benefits?

The key benefit of using returnable drums is that you are able to reduce the cost of packaging waste through your business, as there is no packaging to discard. The simple fact is that the packaging is reused, meaning that it is very environmentally friendly indeed.

How does the Returnable Oil Drum Scheme work?

When you order your 20 litre Rapeseed Oil or Groundnut Oil in Returnable Drums from Friars Pride, a refundable deposit is allocated to the product.
After you have used your oil simply let us know and we will arrange to pick up the empty drums and refund your deposit.
The deposit will not be returned if drums are damaged or have been used for waste oil.*

Friars Pride can also pick up your Waste Oil separately with the Waste Oil Collection ServiceFriars Pride also run a dedicated waste oil collection service, meaning that any waste oil that you have can be collected absolutely free of charge.

  • We will provide 20 litre drums free of charge for you to store your waste oil dependant on the volume of waste that is predicted
  • The waste oil drums will have their own dedicated service so that they are kept separate from new product deliveries**
  • Waste oil collections are scheduled on a four weekly rota
  • Both solid and liquid waste oil can be collected
  • Friars Pride are a registered waste carrier operating under the Environment Protection Act
  • A waste transfer note will be provided on collection of your waste oil
  • Turn your waste oil into cash!

*Due to strict BRC accreditation procedures, damaged drums or drums that have contained old oil cannot be reused due to potential contamination issues. 
**we reserve the right to collect waste oil on our normal delivery fleet. This is on rare occasions to meet customer expectations.
If you do not have your waste oil collected by Friars Pride, why not speak to our Waste Oil collection team on 01603 735021. Alternatively you can talk to your telesales Representatives about your waste oil requirements on 01733 316400
Take this opportunity to turn your waste oil into cash through a friendly, safe and certified service