Friars Pride celebrates with Barry Kew as he reaches his 40th anniversary with the company!

Everyone at Friars Pride is over-the-moon as Barry Kew celebrates 40 years at Friars Pride.

It is not every day you are able to take time and acknowledge an amazing work anniversary such as 40 years!  40 years ago, on the 4th September 1978, Barry Kew joined Friars Pride’s sales team.  His first day saw him out-and-about in and around Spalding, meeting customers, learning about the products fish friers use and the trade overall, a day he remembers clearly.  From that day to this, Barry has dedicated his 40 years to his customers and Friars Pride, offering the best service he can including a wealth of detailed product information, advice, hints and tips on every aspect of the fish frying environment. Barry’s care and attention for his customers is genuine and shows his dedication to his work.  His passion for the industry as a whole is amazing.  He has been known to help fry in shops to support his customers, his phone is on at all times.  He has challenged our business to attain new levels of service in support of customers.  He has rushed to the rescue when high tides were threatening to breach the sea defences along the Hunstanton coast, which saw Barry work with our operations and delivery teams to go in and collect all the stock Barry’s customers had, to protect their businesses, arranging to re-deliver it again once the high tide had passed.
Barry Kew is Friars Pride.  To mark the occasion, Rebecca Lord, Managing Director, made a personal and emotional presentation to Barry, who has known her since she was born.  To celebrate it was cakes all round at our Peterborough depot!