Fish and Chip Equipment - top tips and brands

Friars Pride is offering a great range of fish and chip equipment to help modern day fish friers and takeaway owners run their business.

Chippers, batter mixers, chip tanks and much more are nowadays necessities within busy takeaway industry.

All products in our range are available to order and will be delivered directly by the distributor to save time and be more convenient.

Within heavy fish and chip equipment, we currently offer Bold range at very attractive prices – for more information please call Friars Pride on 01733 316400.

When it comes to lightweight equipment, Drywite catering equipment is the perfect solution – please click here to see their brochure. The range is also available through Friars Pride.

Drywite and Friars Pride also offer Equipment S.O.S. service including all the fish and chip equipment necessities such as chip scoops, chip buckets, skimmers and much more. Please see the brochure for more information and place you order by phoning us on 0133 316400.

Top 10 Equipment SOS 

   1. Chip scoop – no takeaway would be the same without chips, therefore a good chip scoop is a must.

   2. Chip bucket – once your chips have soaked in the potato preparation product of your choice, they should dry out.

   3. Fish tongs – equally as important as chip scoop, especially in a fish and chip shop!

   4. Whisk – for whisking that perfect, light and fluffy batter to coat your fish in.

   5. Pea ladle – peas are one of the most popular sides and no one likes them soggy!

   6. Ladle – serving hot soups or sauces? The ladle is a must have when it comes to fish and chip equipment.

7. Burger press – for turning those saucy, tasty burgers.

   8. Salt/spice pot – it’s better to cook with less salt and let your customers use it to their liking

   9. Vinegar/sauce bottle – true chippy taste is the taste of a great condiment

   10. Pocket thermometer – perfect to serve food that is just right, rather than burning hot or completely cold.

Whether you are after a heavy duty machinery such as a chipper, or a small piece of fish and chip equipment like a  skimmer, simply call us on 01733 316400. We’ll be happy to help!