Fish & Chips Take the Spotlight on National Fish & Chip Day

National Fish & Chip Day returned once again for the annual event on Friday 1st June 2018.
The aim behind the day, now in its third year, to promote the classic British dish across the UK within Fish & Chip Shops, online, local media and national media. This multi-channel approach also gained traction across both radio and television, with fantastic coverage by the BBC with many local stations taking up on the day, along with Sarah Cox mentioning the day once again whilst sitting in on Chris Evans' BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show.

Furthermore BBC Breakfast TV's John Maguire enjoyed a fresh portion of Fish & Chips at Her Majesty's Naval Docks in Portsmouth whilst speaking with the Navy about their fisheries protection fleet aboard HMS Mersey. Gary Lewis, Vice President of NEODA, also appeared on the show as a voice of the industry looking to promote sustainable Fish & Chips. During the week preceding the big day, Friars Pride took part in the National Fish & Chip Day relay, which saw Friars Pride, Henry Colbeck, VA Whitley, Middleton Foods and Kerry Foodservice, alongside NEODA, span the length and breadth of the UK to promote the day with custom made props from BD Signs.

Friars Pride took the baton from the Henry Colbeck team in Doncaster, before heading down to Portsmouth via Lincolnshire and London. On the day itself, Friars Pride was more than happy to supply the Rammi oCeanReserve 12-16 Cod to the official events as well as having representatives attending in person.

These official events took place at Trinity Square in London with Kingfisher Fish & Chips frying, whilst Long Johns fried at her Majesty's Naval Dockyard in Portsmouth for three of the Royal Navy's Fisheries Protection river class vessels; the HMS Forth, Mersey and Tyne.
London enjoyed not only fantastic Fish & Chips but also traditional sea shanties and dancing, whilst the Royal Navy's hungry sailors were left with full stomachs in Portsmouth, some even heading back to their vessel with National Fish & Chip Day T Shirts and hats. Friars Pride also had representatives visit shops such as WJ Rowe in Stevenage and Burton Road Chippy and Elite Fish & Chips in Lincoln where National Fish & Chip Day events were taking place. Stops were also made at range manufacturer KFE and there was even a fish cutting masterclass given atĀ Seafare in Burpham!

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