#FeelGoodFryday comes to Lime Coast!

For this #FeelGoodFryday we are visiting Lime Coast Catering, a mobile Fish & Chip caterer based in Poole.

After a fantastic post seen on social media, we decided to reach out to Rachel and Mike to get to know a little more about their journey and their take on the industry, here goes:

Rachel began...

We both worked in the same place, i had been there 23 years and Mike 10 years and we were told the place was closing down so we were going to be made redundant. There was panic over what we were going to do as had mortgage etc, then Mike had the idea of buying a mobile fish and chip van, the idea started as his mum was elderly and lived in sheltered accommodation and once a week she loved her fish and chips and Mike would get her them and the neighbours would smell it and ask him next week if he could get theirs for them, so the idea was to buy a van and go to sheltered accommodation places and elderly homes where people couldn't get out. We started researching vans and found a few for sale in our area and we went viewing, we eventually bought a second hand van from a lovely couple and it came with some regular stops already set up and also a couple of parties booked in, we then did our exams had our inspection and got 5 stars and off we went. The first party we catered for we were very nervous as all new to us and at the end the gentleman whose party it was came out and said ‘thank you for a great service, lovely fish and chips, everyone is commenting how lovely they were’, we were over the moon, he then asked us how long we had been doing this for and we replied just over 3 weeks, he couldn’t believe it and said amazing and that we would go far as very professional and great service. Since then we have changed vans, we bought one made to our spec,  and built up a regular route 6 days a week, on top of this we have catered for weddings, fetes, carnivals, camp sites and many parties, and of course the care homes and also disabled places, youth clubs the list goes on.
We have built up a fantastic business from our regular stops and regular customers, our website, Facebook page and of course word of mouth.
Now to the honesty, I was terrified to start with as we were putting all our redundancy money into this  and  would it work,

now i look back and wish that we had done this years ago.

It's a lot of hard work, getting stock, changing oils, cleaning, gases etc but we love what we do and that's what makes it, along with our regular friendly customers.
Amazing story! What in particular do you like about working with Friars Pride?
We like using Friars Pride as only up the road from us so we always collect, Jackie in the Poole branch is always friendly and helpful Thank you Mike and Rachel for sharing your story with us, we hope to be able to have a taste of your fantastic Fish & Chips in the future!
If you have a great #FeelGoodFryday story to share with us then please send details to marketing@friarspride.com, have a great #Fryday!