New Marketing Club Promotion - Blue Flag Beach

Q. Are you in a Blue Flag Awarded beach area or do you care about your local town/cities environment?

A. If so, we have an exciting new offer coming soon!
The new Hook and Fish completely recyclable tray is part of the new contemporary and stylish Hook and Fish range. With it's fun, modern design it will surely attract customers.

Q. Is this promotion for me?

A. Yes, if you are in a Blue Flag Awarded Beach area or care about the environment of your local town/city.

Q. What does it include?

A. Full details are yet to be revealed, but we can tell you there will be a discounted offer when purchasing the Hook & Fish recyclable tray, plus point of sale for your shop.

Q. I'm already a Marketing Club Member, how do I sign up to this promotion?

A. Check your email in-box or email to register.