Double A Kebab Deliver on Depot Tour of Friars Pride

After a tour of Friars Pride’s southern depots, Double A Kebab travelled up to the Peterborough head office with their ‘Yeeros Taste’ kebab for a staff learning day. Double A brought with them their very own kebab spit to cook the fantastic ‘Yeeros Taste’, giving Friars Pride staff the opportunity to taste the product, and even cut their own kebabs, to help them get to grips with the product and give them a real insight into how the meat and herbs taste. Furthermore, to get a real taste for the Double A Kebab product range, representatives Chris and Ryan led a question and answer session so that the telesales staff could learn in detail about the company and all of its products even further. During this, they also learnt about the storage, preparation and cooking of the kebabs, giving them a wealth of knowledge to pass on to Friars Pride customers.

One of the key takeaways from the learning session was the fact that Double A Kebab are BRC accredited, meaning that there is a lot more clarity about where the product comes from, how it is made and the ingredients used. The BRC accreditation also means that the quality control in the preparation of the product is at a very high standard helping give an end product consistently high in quality.
They also brought with them some fantastic point of sale posters and brochures, which are free and available from Friars Pride on request.

For more information on any of the Double A Kebab range or for Double A Kebab point of sale material please call telesales on 01733 316400.