This is YOUR day! A day dedicated to celebrating Fish & Chips!

"This is YOUR day! A day dedicated to celebrating Fish & Chips! Don't miss the chance to be a part of it"

This soundbite comes from Lynda Simmons of Neoda, bringing you National Fish & Chip Day each year, who has taken part in a Q & A with us here at Friars Pride on the eve of the big day!
Read on to find out more about the day from Lynda's point of view and how it's not too late for you to still make the most of it!

Q: It’s never too late to take part, that’s our motto at Friars Pride – What can you recommend shops do now if they want to get involved? 
A: Get on social media and shout, shout, shout about National Fish and Chip Day!  Put an announcement on your Facebook page or tweet about it.  Encourage people to share your post with a prize (e.g. free meal for one with winner chosen from all those who share).  Print off a poster and put it up in your window with details of a  special offer you are running on Friday - e.g. free chips with every large cod, free drink, reduced price cod and chips all day and night etc.  put  up some red, white and blue or union flag bunting and balloons up to decorate your shop front.

Q: What’s your best advice for making NFCD a success for a Fish & Chip shop?
A: Run a promotion that will appeal to your customers - you know them best so know what will work for them.  Spread the word as much as you can.  Take plenty of photos and share them. Enjoy the day!

Q: What do you think the importance of NFCD is to the Fish & Chip industry? 
A: National Fish and Chip Day celebrates the stars who work hard to bring Brits their favourite traditional takeaway.  We want to bring the whole industry together to celebrate and showcase the great British institution that is Fish & Chips!

Q: How do you think support from Friars Pride, Henry Colbeck, VA Whitley and all of the trade sponsors has helped to deliver NFCD this year?  
A: With no external funding available to us this year, we would have struggled to put on an event to match 2016. So it is only with the huge support of Friars Pride, Henry Colbeck,VA Whitley and the other NEODA members and trade suppliers being so generous that is has enabled us to ensure 2017 is every bit as successful on the day.  The marketing packs put together and sold by the Q Partnership have been very well received by the fish and chip shops.

Q: NFCD 2016 was a huge success, how are you going to top it this year?
A: We have been talking to journalists and broadcasters for months about this year’s National Fish and Chip Day, building relationships with them, selling in story ideas and generally warming them up for the day!  There already seems to be a great buzz about the day and it will be exciting to see what it printed and broadcast about us!  We have two events running this year which will generate a large amount of coverage on social media with Kingfisher bringing their amazing van to London to give our free samples of their award-winning fish and chips in Trinity Square, next to Tower Hill tube station and another event running at the Naval Dockyard in Portsmouth.  These events have been fully funded by the industry which is amazing.

]Q: What are you, Lynda, going to be doing on the day?
A: I am co-ordinating the event in London so will be there all day ensuring that members of the public can enjoy first class Fish & Chips being brought to them by the winners of the Fish & Chip Shop of the Year competition all the way from Plymouth.

Q: How do you feel NFCD has helped to raise the profile and awareness of NEODA?
A: Through widespread distribution of the press release both by our PR agency and the fish and chip shops who have downloaded and used the campaign toolkit, as well as the large-scale social media activity, the NEODA name is becoming synonymous with National Fish and Chip Day. Our President, Andrew Marriott’s quote has been included in many of the articles we have already seen and is likely to feature in many more.

Q: Last but not least, what will your Fish & Chip shop order be on the day?
A: As I'm a coeliac, I will be having gluten free Fish & Chips with a side of mushy peas!

Remember, Shout, Tweet, Share and keep us all up to date with your National Fish & Chip Day activities on social media!

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