Congratulations to Burton Road Chippy in Lincoln!

Burton Road Chippy had a busy night at the National Fish & Chip Awards 2015 claiming the titles of:
-   Eastern England Independent Takeaway Fish and Chip Shop of the Year
-   Independent Fish and Chip Restaurant of the Year National Winner
-   Staff Training and Development National Winner well as few other nominations. Well done to everyone at Burton Road who have worked really hard for the shop’s success.
Des Anastasiou, co-owner of Burton Road Chippy, commented: “I am over the moon. (...) We’ve worked so hard over the last 12 years to build a successful business; it’s just amazing to receive recognition and be rewarded for our efforts.
“Staff training is something we take very seriously, all our employees receive both external and in-house training as part of our programme. We believe the better the training, the better the business.
“However, to be declared the best fish and chip restaurant in the UK is definitely the peak of our careers. This is the next best thing for any business like ours to achieve. We’re looking forward to celebrating our amazing success and are excited for the year ahead.”

Paul Williams, Chief Executive of Seafish, commented: “Burton Road Chippy stood out for their passion and continual dedication towards staff development throughout the judging process. I would like to offer my warmest congratulations and wish them the best success in the future.”

Friars Pride is proud of Burton Road Chippy as their loyal customers - one more reason to congratulate Burton Road and wish them a very prosperous year 2015!

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