ClasSeaCo – The Choice Of The Professional Frier

The batter mix you use as a fish and chip shop is important, you want to be using a high-quality mix that will help your quality products taste great – especially your fish! ClasSeaCo has a range of benefits that could make it the perfect batter for you.

In this blog we look at ClasSeaCo and the benefits and features of this batter mix, if you have any further questions contact your Area Sales Manager, Telesales Agent or click here to find your local depot.

Consistently DeliciousClaSeaCo Battered Fish

ClasSeaCo has a range of features, all of which make this batter mix a popular choice for many fish friers who are looking for a high-quality batter.

  1. Colour – A light but golden colour
  2. Taste – A crispy batter
  3. Top box – this batter can perform well in the top box, and can remain in a good condition
  4. Mixing – this is an easy to mix product
  5. Consistency – this product offers a consistency by:
    1. Using a clever mix of flours
    2. Sieved multiple times
    3. Passes through metal detection
  6. Coverage – stays well on products, including frozen lines such as sausages
  7. Oil usage – compared to some standard batter mixes, ClasSeaCo may absorb less oil – meaning you may save on oil costs

On top of the above features, how the batter mix is packaged is an important factor when it comes to protecting the batter and making sure it easy to use and handle. This is why ClasSeaCo is in 12.5kg bags which makes for ease of handling and use. On top of this, ClasSeaCo’s packaging material is micro-perforated plastic instead of a paper alternative, this is great for the storage of flour and mixes because the bag allows for moisture and air to travel in and out.

Let Us Help

ClasSeaCo is a high-quality batter that is proving to be popular, this product is only available from Friars Pride and the Q Partnership. If you want to switch to ClasSeaCo why not give it a trial in your shop? Or, if you have any further questions about the product, contact your Area Sales Manager or Telesales Agent, alternatively click here to find your local depot’s contact details.

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