Cash in This Christmas With Save and Select

It’s time to cash in your Save and Select loyalty points ready for Christmas. This year it is once again easy to claim your Save and Select rewards from Friars Pride using either the online redemption form or by sending back the form you will receive in the post within the next few weeks.

Make sure you start redeeming your points as soon as you receive your letter to make sure you get your vouchers before the Christmas deadline of 2nd December.

Find Out Your Points

If you have enough points to make a claim, you will receive a personalised letter in the post which lets you know how many points you have to spend. You will also receive a guide on the different vouchers or options that are available for you to redeem your points against.

How To Redeem

There are two main ways you can redeem your points, either via the website or by the paper form that is in the post. If you want to redeem online via the website, go to and complete the form. We will then do the rest and get your vouchers out to you.

What’s Available…

With Save and Select there are different vouchers and options available for you to redeem your points against. For 250 points you can redeem for a £10 voucher, the vouchers we have available this Christmas are:

  • Love2Shop Gift Card
  • Love2Shop via M&S Gift Card
  • Sainsbury’s Card
  • Amazon Card

Alternatively, you can use points to get Friars Pride Account Credit, for 1250 points you receive £50 in credit which will be added to your account.