Carl Scrivener’s Retirement - A Career To Celebrate

Carl Scrivener has decided to retire after a long and very successful career. Since Carl Scrivener joined Friars Pride in 2007 he has brought to the company a vast amount of knowledge and experience. Previously working for Spavins prior to the company being taken over by Friars Pride, Carl has always prided himself on building up a strong relationship with all of his customers.


Before joining Friars Pride in 2007, Carl has always valued loyalty, and has proved this by working for Spavins for 23 years. During this time, he worked as an Area Sales Manager and built up a rapport with his colleagues and customers alike. Many of his customer during these years have still remained his customers.

Friars Pride

When Friars Pride took over Spavins in 2007, Carl continued to look after his Spavin customers, and very quickly became a valued member of the Friars Pride team. Carl's Retirement Party
Carl’s customers over the years have valued his advice, help and assistance in not just his product knowledge but also his general knowledge of the food industry.

A Long And Successful Career

When speaking to Carl about his career in this industry, his customers made his 35 years enjoyable. He has enjoyed being able to build close relationships and has always been around to make sure his customers are looked after and cared for.

Meet Dan Sanders

If you are one of Carl’s customers, you may have met Dan Sanders who will be looking after you going forwards. Dan has been with Friars Pride for two years and is looking forward to helping you, and if he has not yet, meeting you.