Is a burger a sandwich?

Difference between a burger and a sandwich - is there any?

Do you ever flick through the menu of your favourite takeaway/restaurant and wonder why some of those seemingly identical items are listed as burger and some as sandwiches? Do they do it on purpose, to confuse us? To plant the seed of doubt in our heads so it haunts us every time we hear the word “burger”?

So The Difference Between A Burger And Sandwich?

Gastronomy is full of wonders and weird names, so let us clarify at least this one for your piece of mind...

So what is the difference between the burger and sandwich? Is it the bread, the way we serve it, or simply the meat preparation and serving option? Well, the difference is everywhere and nowhere at the same time.
Some believe that the fundamental difference is whether you use the bread or a soft bun. In fairness the common use of a word “burger” would relate to anything served between the special style buns. Analogically, anything on or between two pieces of flat bread is considered a sandwich.

Others, consider a sandwich anything done with little to no cooking (well, pre-cooked ham or chicken slices bought from a supermarket doesn’t count as cooking). So in their eyes taking products out of the fridge and putting on a piece of bread to then be eaten out of hand is a sandwich. Nice and easy.

In their eyes, burgers require more effort – one needs to prepare the meat of choice, fry it, then heat the bun to soften it, put the end product together and munch away.
Some places serve burgers to be eaten with fork and knife, often with chips. Although, to be completely honest, chips, as a side dish do not determine whether what you have on your plate is a sandwich or a burger.

All clear at this point, so back to the initial question – what is a burger and what is a sandwich? The truth, is not all this easy. In fact, it’s much more confusing as a burger... is really a sandwich. 

The Word Burger

The word “burger” originates from “hamburger” which then has taken its name from the city of Hamburg in Germany. The initial product would compose of a ground beef formed into patty and cooked. In later stage the term evolved to describe everything formed into a patty and cooked.
Therefore if you are one of those considering everything round, flat and cooked/fried to be a burger – you are right. Not quite.
At the same time, the broad term of a sandwich covers everything on or between two pieces or bread (including a bap and a bun) hence the burger is really a sandwich!

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