Bold Equipment for Bold Friers!

Bold Equipment have been producing quality machinery for long enough to be considered one of the top brands within the Fish and Chips and Takeaway industries.
Their product range varies from potato peelers and chippers, to batter mixers and accessories all manufactured from a high quality material to extend the performance and durability of their machinery.
A versatile range to meet the needs of modern day fish friers at even the busiest of times allowing them for a quick and effective performance to reduce the time and maximise profits.

Bold Potato Peeler - 56lb capacity

  • Stainless steel construction ensures a hygienic, rust-free machine requiring minimum maintenance
  • The peeling drum and lining can easily be removed for re coating when required keeping service cost to minimum
  • Heavy duty gear box is automatically lubricated from oil sump enabling smooth and reliable peeling
  • Unique nylon brushes fitted to bottom plate guard against blockage to waste outlet reducing the amount of cleaning required
  • The position of water inlet and waste outlet can be varied to suit individual installation requirements

Bold R1 Electric Chipper

  • Stainless steel construction and unique design of cutting action ensures maximum yield - "more chips less bits" - producing a quality chip
  • Easy to clean, no tools and minimum maintenance required
  • Chip size can be changed in seconds or blades can be replaced individually
  • Safety interlock switchers are fitted to the hopper and knife block to protect the operator

Bold MX1 Batter Mixer

  • Simple to use - just switch on and add ingredients to vortex around the whisk. A minute later you have perfectly smooth, even batter
  • Stainless steel construction ensures a hygienic, rust free machine requiring a minimum of maintenance
  • Designed specifically with batter mixing in mind, operating at one fixed speed - the perfect speed for whisking
  • Bound to serve many years of reliable service

Make sure to use Bold equipment in your takeaway for a reliable and quick service to optimise your staff performance and maximise your profits at the same time!