Are You The Next National Fish and Chip Award Winner?

The search for the next top UK Fish and Chip shop has started! The prestigious national awards are run by Seafish. You can now send in your applications for the awards, and there is a wide range of exciting categories to enter, you can find the different awards below and you can decide what category you would like to enter.

The Award Categories

There 15 different award categories for the 2020 National Fish and Chip awards. Below you can find the list of 15 categories and who they are open to.

  1. Independent Takeaway Fish and Chip Shop of the Year Award – this award is open to all independent fish and chip shop businesses which have a takeaway facility.
  2. Independent Fish and Chip Restaurant of the Year Award – you can enter this award if you are an independent fish and chip restaurant.
  3. Best Mobile Fish and Chip Operator Award – this award is open to all mobile fish and chip businesses.
  4. Best Multiple Fish and Chip Operator Award – this award is open to fish and chip operators with three or more outlets.
  5. Best Foodservice Operator Award – this is open to all general foodservice operators that serve fish and chips. This can include pubs, cafes, department stores, hotels, travel and leisure.
  6. Best Newcomer Award – open to fish and chip operators who are new to the industry, you must have less than two years of experience.
  7. Staff Training and Development Award – this award is open to all fish and chip businesses, and rewards excellence in staff training and development practices and policies.
  8. From Field to Frier Award – open to all fish and chip businesses, this award rewards knowledge of potato sourcing and chip preparation processes.
  9. Drywite Young Fish Frier of the Year Award – this award is open to all applicants who are aged 25 years or younger.
  10. Marketing Innovation Award - open to all fish and chip businesses, this award rewards excellence in marketing and promotional activity.
  11. Good Catch – The Sustainable Seafood Award - open to all fish and chip businesses, this award rewards knowledge and the promotion of responsible seafood sourcing and sustainability practices.
  12. NFFF Quality Award Champion Award - open to all current holders of the National Federation of Fish Friers Quality Award.
  13. Healthy Eating Fish and Chips Award - open to all fish and chip businesses that are excelling in educating and informing their customers on healthy choices and the nutritional values of fish and chips.
  14. Best Use of Seasonal UK Seafood Award – this award will be awarded to a business that is championing sustainable and seasonal UK caught seafood products in their fish and chip shops.
  15. Outstanding Achievement Award - awarded to a member of the industry who continually supports and develops the success of fish and chips across the UK. Nominations are received from key industry partners and the overall winner is decided by a panel of judges.

Why Should You Enter?

There are many reasons you should consider entering the National Fish and Chip Awards, here are just some of the benefits and reasons to entering the awards:

  • Increase your turnover – You could see an increase in turnover in your business with the news that you are in the awards, make sure you shout about it!
  • Test your business – you get to test and benchmark your business against other businesses, including industry leaders.
  • Marketing and PR opportunities – make sure you are shouting about how far you get in the awards, this can help raise your shops awareness in your community and area - which can help increase your footfall.
  • An award that suits you - as you may have seen above, there is a wide range of awards that you could enter. There is a category for everyone who has a fish and chip business.
  • Feedback will be provided – throughout all of the stages, you will receive feedback that you may find invaluable,

On top of this, the awards are all free to enter, so you have nothing to lose by submitting an entry.

How Too Enter

Entering the awards could not be easier, the process is made simple the by Seafish. All you need to do is go to the Seafish website and then enter your chosen award or awards, click here to go straight to the enter the awards page. Don’t miss out on your chance of entering.