Are You Offering A Lite-Bite?

With the increased publicity around portion sizes, now could be the time to offer a lighter option on your menu.
The Lite-Bite box was designed to allow you to offer an alternative portion of the nation’s favourite food – fish and chips. Offering a lighter menu option can help attract more people into your shop for their lunch or evening meal if they are looking for a lighter option.

Using the Lite-Bite boxes, which have been specially designed to allow you to offer a smaller portion.  allows you to offer your customers a portion-controlled meal size of fish and chips.

The Perfect Size

With more people becoming health-conscious and looking at what they are eating, offering a range of sizes on your menu can help attract people and increase footfall into your shop. Therefore, the Lite-Bite box has been designed to control portions and offer a balanced meal.

If you cook in vegetable frying oil and offer a 5oz fish and chips in your Lite-Bite box it comes out at 656 kcal* which is 33% of a female daily allowance and 27% of a male’s allowance. Another option could be to offer a 6oz fish and 6oz chips which works out around 809 kcal*.

*Calories calculated in laboratory environment based on the individual portion sizes outlined. These kcal values should be used as a guide only. Kcal amounts will vary between different fish and chip shops

The box can approximately hold a portion consisting of a 6oz battered fish (4oz unbattered), a 6oz portion of chips and an optional 4oz side of mushy peas, curry sauce or gravy.

Fish in a Lite-Bite box

Why Use This Packaging?

There are many reasons to use this specially designed packaging in your business, and here are just a few.

  • Generous portion – a light meal in this box can be perceived as good value for money.
  • Controlled portion – with the box being designed to only take a suitable portion, it can stop you giving away extra chips in your portions – meaning you won’t be giving away your profits.
  • A professional box – the corrugated box gives you a presentable and eye-catching method of packaging.
  • A versatile piece of packaging – the box does not have to just be used for fish and chips; you could use the box for other meals.
  • Student meals – the box could be perfect if you offer a student lunch time deal or as an OAP fish and chip portion.

Want To Know More?

Here at Friars Pride we are always ready to help in any way we can, including offering you product information and advice – all you need to do is ask.

If you are interested in offering a Lite-Bite option on your menu, contact your Area Sales Manager who will be happy to talk to you about the Lite-Bite box and how to offer the option on the menu – from using it to offer a lighter fish and chip option, to using it to package your lunchtime deals!

Alternatively, you can contact us here and find your local depot, or talk to your Telesales agent for more information on our packaging range.

Hook & Fish packaging

Packaging Range

Here at Friars Pride we have a wide range of packaging options for your business, from the Lite-Bite box above to our popular Hook and Fish packaging range. We can provide you with a range of options so we always have a packaging option to suit your business – including two compartment boxes, corrugated packaging and card trays and boxes.