Are you boxing clever?

Box clever and use the Hook & Fish two-compartment boxes. These boxes allow you to keep the fish and chips separate, stopping the batter sticking to the chips. These boxes can be perfect for deliveries as it helps the food arrive in great condition!

The Hook & Fish two-compartment boxes have increased dramatically in popularity in recent years because they provide the, virtually, perfect way to serve and to transport Fish & Chips. This makes them ideal for both takeaway and  home delivery.

Keeping the chips separated from the fish, but still in the same box, prevents them from sticking to the batter and prevents the batter becoming soft and soggy as it is no longer in close contact with moisture from the chips.
As well as providing the very best presentation of Fish & Chips, two compartment boxes also offer a genuine portion control management system. The two compartments provide very specific sections one for the fish and one for the chips so serving staff can no longer pile them high and giveaway profits.

The Hook & Fish two-compartment boxes are a unique design, delivering many benefits to your business including;

  • Perfect presentation with the built in divider to keep the fish separate from the chips, preventing them going soggy
  • Portion Control, keep your portions consistent with three box sizes available
  • Time saving, easy to assemble and fast serving
  • Better tasting, no sweating or crushing of the food
  • Environmentally friendly, made with recyclable board
  • Eye catching point of sale material including, posters, bunting, window stickers and door signs
  • Professional looking and as part of the Hook and Fish packaging range can give your packaging a consistent look

Two compartment boxes are part of the ‘Hook & Fish’ Packaging Range which gives a fresh, modern and up-to-date image to the Nation’s Most Iconic Dish!
The range includes everything that’s needed to pack, present and takeaway Fish & Chips; professionally and effortlessly!

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