1.7 million Save & Select points were redeemed last Christmas!

Save & Select launched in 1988, and is still increasing in popularity year after year.

Christmas 2014 saw 1.7 million points redeemed. The scheme rewards customers for purchasing specific products.
There is no registration process, all our customers are automatically rewarded points when purchasing products that are linked with the scheme. To see what products award points, check on our website & each product will tell you if points will be given.

Points can be redeemed at anytime throughout the year and remain on a customer's account until redeemed, although many customers prefer to wait until Christmas as this is when we have our special promotion which, as well as Friars Pride and high street vouchers, includes wines, spirits and hampers
Look out for our special promotional activities throughout the year to boost your points.
To find out more head to our Save & Select page