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Hook and Fish – How could you change the look of your shop!

Rothley Fisheries are really standing out from the crowd with their new Hook and Fish Swing Sign and Bin.

This is exactly why we have introduced the new Point of Sale items to the Hook and Fish range. They are well designed, high quality and most of all it gives you a chance to promote your business with virtually no effort!
Now you can also ensure your complete branding experience starts from the minute your customer walks through your door, with Hook and Fish Open/Closed and Opening Hours signs.
For inside your business, choose from colourful branded bunting, posters with 3 designs and window sticker decals – or use everything to make a real impact!

The owner of Pisces Fish and Chip Shop in Doncaster uses the Hook and Fish Packaging range in his shop and says,

“The packaging looks so professional and clean. The design is very up to date and gives my shop a modern feel. I have definitely noticed the batter stays crispier in the corrugated boxes and my portion control is now better then ever.”
Pisces feel their shop looks like it’s had a face-lift by just changing their packaging and Point of Sale. This is a cheaper and more cost effective way of changing your shops image and kerb appeal.

Why use Point of Sale?

  • It gets customers attention
  • It gives your shop a professional feel
  • It can lead to up-sales
  • Your shop will stand out from the rest
  • You will have curb appeal
  • Completing the whole brand experience

To find out more contact a member of our telesales team on 01733 316400 or click here to view our products online.

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