Hook and Fish Wide 2 Compartment Boxes – Large Case-100


The Hook and Fish two compartment large takeaway box: These two compartment boxes are great quality and perfect for takeaway food and catering businesses. For perfect portion control and presentation. The ideal container for larger portions of different foods keeping textures and flavours separated. These boxes are great for presenting large portions to your customers, either open or closed. Allow your customers to easily carry away with their order with convenience. A great two compartment large takeaway box.

Available in a case of 100. This box is part of the Hook and Fish packaging range, meaning you get the same eye-catching design that can help give your packaging a professional consistent feel. Adhering to the highest standards of manufacturing and product quality the Hook and Fish range is premium packaging whilst being cost effective and environmentally friendly.

The Hook and Fish two compartment boxes, for perfect portion control and presentation. Designed specifically for take-away or home delivery of cooked or uncooked food. Supplied flat for easy storage – with a built-in divider, preventing different food items from sticking together and perfect for portion

control. Biodegradable and recyclable.

Features and Benefits:

  • Size: 290 x 195 x 55mm
  • Available in 3 sizes - small, medium and large
  • Packs of 100 boxes
  • Two compartments
  • Built-in divider
  • Biodegradable
  • Recyclable
  • Air holes to allow steam to escape and keep the batter crisp and chips fresh
  • Supplied flat – easy to assemble
  • Allows for portion control

Five reasons why Hook & Fish Packaging is essential for your business:

  • Design – Hook and Fish as a fish and chip packaging range has been specially designed to appeal to your customers. It looks like no other packaging and is guaranteed to make your chippy stand out from the crowd. The first impression is crucial!
  • Quality – The whole range, whether it be greaseproof paper, corrugated boxes, or side order pots, have been tested in real commercial conditions. Boxes and pots perfectly hold the food, keeping it warm and fresh for longer giving you the peace of mind you deserve.
  • Brand – Hook and Fish offer a complete fish and chips packaging range. From the pot of peas or gravy, through the greaseproof paper, to the lid on the box, it creates a well-balanced and tasteful composition.
  • Novelty – Although customers love the British tradition that is having fish and chips every Friday (Fryday), they also seek a modern twist to it to make it more fun and up to date. This range offers you just that – traditional taste in a completely modern packaging.
  • Price – Hook and Fish is an affordable choice; you don’t have to compromise on quality while creating a social buzz around your fish and chip shop.
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