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Get it Right with FriWite

“FriWite is a high quality oil, it lasts longer than some of the other oils on the market and price-wise it’s more affordable.”
– Mario’s, Bedford

FriWite (FPFT) is 100% Vegetable Frying Sustainable Palm Oil.
It is also RSPO certified which means that it is an ethically responsible product as well as containing no hydrogenated fat and less than 1% trans fat. FriWite frying oil is also exclusive to Friars Pride and the Q Partnership.

  • Fries pure and light in colour
  • Provides an extended frying life
  • FriWite is the RSPO [Round table on Sustainable Palm Oil] certified sustainable palm oil
  • No hydrogenated fat
  • Less than 1% trans fat
  • 100% vegetable oil (palm oil)
  • Point of sale available

For more information please contact sales on 01733 316400 or call your local sales team which can be found on the Contact Us page

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