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Fish, Chips and…?

…a side of your choice

It is a fact that offering side orders to partner alongside your traditional Fish & Chip supper is a growing trend in many shops. There are many reasons that this will benefit both the shop and the customer alike; spanning from high profit margins to new clientele, and everywhere in between.

With a range of delectable products such as Breaded Green Jalapeno Peppers, Breaded Mozzarella Sticks, Crispy Breaded Mushrooms, Mac ‘n’ Cheese Bites, Cheese O’s, and Black Pudding & Bramley Apple Fritters all available from Friars Pride; In the fantastic ‘Innovate Food’ range, there is certainly something ready to tantalise any taste bud and accompany whichever chippy tea takes you or your customers’ fancy. Find more information about how to purchase these at the bottom of this article.

Here are our top 5 tips for selling sides:

  • Make a meal of it… Why not use side dishes to create meal deals for your customers? This is a good way to cross sell and up sell to your clients whilst still offering fantastic value.
  • Make a profit… With tighter margins on the main event, why not look to your side show to really become the blockbuster and boost your profit margin.
  • Feel the heat… With a rising trend in spicy foods and bolder flavours in the UK food industry, why not introduce a side with a kick, like the breaded green jalapenos or jalapeno and red pepper mozzarella sticks available through Friars Pride.
  • Pull in the punters… With a range for all tastes, everyone can get their takeaway fix by mixing and matching their side dishes to tailor-make their own meal or by adding to a burger or kebab to get their Saturday Night Takeaway in your shop!
  • Cater for vegetarians… Many side dishes that are available are in fact suitable for vegetarians, which mean that these can be marketed as an exciting vegetarian choice to go alongside their chips and means that no one is left out of the great Chippy dinner.

All of the Innovate Foods products mentioned above can be ordered through Friars Pride, with many on offer or carrying precious Save & Select points to add to your Friars Pride account.
To find out more please call sales on 01733 316400 or follow the link to the products area of our website

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