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Fish and Chip Wholesaler With A Passion For Quality Fish and Chips

Fish and Chip Wholesaler Who Are The Industries Leading Supplier

Long story short- Friars Pride is not your ordinary fish and chip wholesaler. We are a company with deep roots in the industry as we have been trading for over 40 years now.
The fish and chip industry is unlike any other… It takes a lot of hard work, devotion and determination to succeed whether as a chip shop or a fish and chip wholesaler.
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Today Friars Pride spans three generations, its longevity being first of its successes. We have grown to be one of the premier suppliers to fish and chip shops, fast food outlets and bakers in majority of England’s territory. We are also part of The Q Partnership together covering the whole of UK distribution-wise.
Although it is not uncommon for a fish and chip wholesaler to offer own brands, the QP is leading the way offering own label products such as FriWite, The Really Green Pea Company, Q Brand and Frying Fats & Oils, 42nd Street Classic Sausages and Chicken, Just Grab Sauces and Ocean Sound Fish Cakes.
We also have a deep passion for customer service, shown by anyone working for Friars Pride, whether it is telesales in Poole, Sales Manager in Nottingham or even Director in Peterborough. Out experienced team of sales and telesales people will be happy to advise you and share their product and industry knowledge with you.
Also a fish and chip wholesaler, Friars Pride is passionate about the industry and sponsors the National Fish and Chip Awards. The Q Partnership as a whole also sponsors Marketing Innovation Award as part of the scheme.

Fish and chip wholesaler – not just any old supplier

We’d like to believe than we offer more than just a catalogue of products, we also aim to support and give advice to our customers using

  • Good Habits – in house magazine featuring latest special offers as well as useful information on how to improve your business
  • FRY I.T. –annual trade show , showcasing, amongst other, latest product innovations to the trade
  • Friars Pride’s Marketing Club – part of our website where we share marketing tips and advice with you

For more information on Friars Pride call 01733 316400 or visit
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