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Meet The MK Card Tray Family

Are you looking for an exciting new packaging option? Meet the Hook & Fish MK Card Tray family. These trays have been designed to offer fish and chip shops a high-quality tray that is the perfect replacement for the Hook…

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Lite-Bite Boxes

Are You Offering A Lite-Bite?

With the increased publicity around portion sizes, now could be the time to offer a lighter option on your menu. The Lite-Bite box was designed to allow you to offer an alternative portion of the nation’s favourite food – fish…

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Leinebris Vessel

Tell Us Why You Love Leinebris!

Leinebris Haddock Competition Here at Friars Pride we love Leinebris, and we believe you do as well! So, we want to know why you love Leinebris or why you would love to win some! Leinebris Haddock is the finest quality.…

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