Atlantic Caught Cod Skinless Boneless 6-7oz (170x200) 15% Glaze 4.54kg (M.S.C)


Royal Greenland’s Atlantic Cod is high-quality Frozen at Sea Cod Fillets. The Atlantic Cod is well-known and is appreciated for its great flavour and firm meat. The meat from the Atlantic Cod around Greenland has time to develop the intense and slightly sweet flavour, this is because of the cold and clean surroundings make the cod grow more slowly than elsewhere.

This Royal Greenland’s Skinless Boneless 6-7oz Cod mostly lives in the North Atlantic Sea and the Barents Sea and has a great flavour.

Royal Greenland’s Skinless Boneless Cod is available in 6-7oz, 7-8oz, 8-10oz and 10-12oz.

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