42nd Street Deep-Fry Sausages 4’s 4.54kg


The 42nd Street Deep-Fry Sausage: A great quality, flavourful sausage with a smooth, firm texture. A flagship sausage for almost all fish & chip shops, fast-food outlets, and takeaways. Produced only from prime cuts of pork, specifically selected to ensure fantastic flavour and a smooth and firm texture. Always containing a minimum 40% pork.

The 42nd Street Deep-Fry Sausages 4’s is a 4.54kg box.

No compromise on taste, the overall quality, and the value. One of Friars Pride most popular choices and a flagship sausage in the industry and a hugely popular choice amongst our customers for their takeaways and restaurants because of its amazing taste and texture when cooked.

Features and Benefits:

  • Minimum 40% pork content.
  • Perfect to deep fry from Frozen.
  • Can be deep fried, shallow fried or grilled.
  • Fantastic flavour with a smooth, firm texture.


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