42nd Street 100% Beef Burger – 48 x 113gm


The 42ND Street 100% Beefburgers: Prime cuts of beef, specially selected from only the forequarter and flank cuts. A mouthwatering, tasty, juicy, beef burger that when cooked keeps its size and shape.

No compromise on taste or the overall value and the quality. It’s one of the burger lovers first choices from Friars Pride and its popularity strong amongst our customers for their restaurants, takeaways and fast food establishments because of its incredible taste and size when cooked.

Features and Benefits:

  • Will not reduce in size when cooked.
  • Can be char grilled, gridled, broiled or deep fried.
  • A high uncompromising 100% Beef content.
  • Seasoned.
  • Separated by food grade paper sheets.
  • Meaty and firm.


42nd Street & Beef Burgers: Looking for premium beef burgers then look no further. Taken from 100% Prime Beef and 100% better than the average takeaway and fast-food burger. How do we know? We’ve been supplying fast-food restaurants and takeaways all over the UK as a wholesale burger and frozen foods supplier for long enough to know that our products are the preferred option time after time.

Our aim is simple, delight our customers and our customers customers by supplying them with a tasty and unbeatable value beef burgers. Achieved by using only specially selected prime cuts of beef. The feedback and reviews we receive from our customers about 42nd street is second to none. We make no compromise on taste and quality and always maintain excellent value.

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