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Bakery Consumer Insights by Puratos

Consumer Insights by Puratos

Friars Pride attended the Taste Tomorrow event, held by Puratos, who’s aim was to proved clear insights, innovation routes, business concepts and inspiration for future product development, all to help you boost your business.
Here’s a roundup of important insights for our Bakery customers:

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Key Consumer Insights

1. Age of Abundance

47% UK consumers expect more diversity. This also applied to food innovations and the expectation of ‘food on the go’. There was also an expectation of globalised food (51%).

2. Lost in Translation

60% of consumers believe that fibre is healthy, however over 35% of 35% of consumers know bread contains fibre. This opens the door for untapped potential.

3. The 'Truth'

The ‘Truth’ – it was commonly found that consumers are constantly looking for the ‘truth’, to help them make the best decisions for their diet and lifestyle.

4. Gluten Free

There is a danger of alienating old customers by focusing too much on new ‘gluten free’ customers and products.

5. Sustainability

Consumers are more worried about throwing away left over bread for example and thus wasting food and money, as opposed where the breads ingredients were sourced, although this is still important.

6. Labels

Clear labelling made an impact with consumers, such as ‘No additives’ or ‘100% natural’. This influenced consumers’ intention to buy. Consumers may have seen sustainability logos, but may not know fully what they mean apart from that they are a good sign.

7. Taste

Consumers fear that compensating on one thing today will affect another thing in the future. Empowered customers are changing your product portfolio.

8. Health

Consumers want transparency – is it healthy? Does it taste fresh? They also rely on ‘shortcuts’, as certification logos and mixed messaged from social media and celebrities are lost in translation. Businesses should show ‘short processing’, i.e. full transparency of ‘field to fork’.

9. Health/Taste Ratio

It is important to communicate both a high percentage of quality and taste.

10. Freshly Frozen

Frozen is on the rise, with 57% of consumers appreciating frozen products.

11. Freshness

Consumers were asked how they evaluate freshness of products and it was found, in order: when it was baked, the smell, the crunch

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[vc_infolist title=”Abundance”]Diverse, innovative and globalised food[/vc_infolist][vc_infolist title=”Consumer control”]Lost in translation and finding the facts[/vc_infolist][vc_infolist title=”New consumer rules”]From labelling, attitudes to frozen and health awareness[/vc_infolist][vc_infolist title=”No compromises”]No compromise on health, taste or freshness[/vc_infolist][vc_infolist title=”Nostalgia/Innovation”]Consumers are interested in foods of both the past and future[/vc_infolist][vc_infolist title=”Sustainability”]Personal sustainability; wastage and money[/vc_infolist]

Product Ideas

'My Innovation'

Consumers prefer innovation and personalisation, but do not want disruptive innovation – they are still nostalgic about classic dishes and products, tradition and routine.

i.e. personalised bread

Capitalising on Classics

It was found 52% of consumers liked when tradition are shared.

i.e. full meal pastry, containing healthy ingredients


  • The use of clear labels preferred
  • Push the right ingredients, e.g. fruit filling, cocoa, fibre, eggs, wholegrain
  • Time to fight false myths, e.g. palm oil, gluten, bread

i.e. cocoa as an energy boost (55%) with nutritional value (42%). Cocoa evokes a healthy, natural and functional properties.

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