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Lite Bite Corrugated Boxes 8x5x2 (100)


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With an increasing number of fast-food chains, sandwich shops and cafes, there has never been more competition for Fish & Chips shops. It’s no secret that there is a HUGE demand, particularly at lunchtime, for a light meal and with over 75% of Fish & Chip shops offering just a regular, large or extra-large meal, there may be an additional audience that go elsewhere for a lighter option. 

  • It gives a generous portion (people perceive the meal to be good value for money),

  • It looks professional (corrugated packaging is presentable with a well-polished finish),

  • It has eye-appeal (the food fills the box), and

  • It is versatile (it can be used for meals other than Fish & Chips).

  • Free poster available

This brand new packaging is designed specifically for an alternative size meal, and is custom-made for a portion consisting of:

  • A 4oz unbattered Fish (6oz with batter on).

  • A 6oz portion of chips (cooked weight).

  • An optional 4oz side order of Peas/Gravy/Curry.

(This is a suggested portion size that was unanimously voted to be a “Lite-Bite” size. You ultimatley decide what portion size you serve).

Sales unit: Case-100